Arkansas' Promise

The America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth was announced in 1997 at the President's Summit held in Philadelphia. The program was chaired by General Colin Powell, and the historic gathering consisted of former President Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford and Nancy Reagan, over 3,000 government, business, non-profit and civic leaders. At the Summit, the Presidents and General Powell challenged these leaders to raise civic power to a new plateau to solve the problems of American Society. They asked them to commit more time, talent and resources to children and youth, to advocate for new and renewed commitments from others.

The crusade that has grown out of the Summit focuses on fulfilling five basic promises to young people. At the April, 1998 Arkansas' Promise State Summit, Arkansans began it's own crusade that promises each child in Arkansas the five basic resources:

  • Mentor: An ongoing relationship with a caring adult.

  • Protect: A safe place with structured activities during non-school hours.

  • Nurture: A healthy start.

  • Teach: Marketable skills through effective education.

  • Serve: An opportunity to give back through community service.

  • At the present time, the Community Initiative of Arkansas representative based at BCJS, in collaboration with BCJS personnel, FRC personnel and various community resources work together to fulfill these specific areas:
    Monthly Service Projects
  • Community service program
  • Recruit and maintain volunteers for Community Connections for Youth & Families, Inc.
  • Ensure program is operating as designed

    • Education Support Services
  • Assist CCI instructors and act as tutor/mentor with students
  • Provide students with effective after-school education
  • Family Resource Center provides classes for youth and adults
    • Healthy Lifestyle Activities
  • Host home services to juveniles who requires short-term, emergency shelter
  • Students receive educational direction regarding healthy lifestyles; attend Health Fair and various
  • An estimated 100 youth and volunteers will participate

  • Baxter County has been an Arkansas Community of Promise since 1998 and continues to fulfill the areas of promise with the collaboration of various agencies, organizations, businesses, schools and many volunteer individuals working together.

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