About Baxter County Juvenile Services

Baxter County Juvenile Services successfully operates various youth and family oriented programs under the direction of the Baxter County Government and the 14th Judicial District Circuit Court, Juvenile Division.

Circuit Judge Deanna "Suzie" Layton presides over the 14th Judicial District Circuit Court, Juvenile Division. The Juvenile intake and probation officers work with both delinquency and family in need of services cases for the county. The officers seek to utilize a balanced approach to address the needs of the youth, yet provide an opportunity for the juvenile to be held accountable for his/her behavior, and at the same time protect society.

TIME Mentoring Program

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The TIME Mentoring Program serves clients of the juvenile justice system in Baxter County. The purpose of the program is to establish an ongoing, caring relationship between a volunteer adult and a student in need of additional support.

Family Resource Center

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Since 1997, the Family Resource Center has been providing families with educational opportunities to equip them with informational tools in an effort to strengthen the family unit and promote healthy child development. Classes are taught by trained instructors and generally run from September to May each year, with the number of series scheduled being determined by enrollment. Referrals are received from the community, Department of Human Services, churches, the courts, and other agencies, as well as self-referrals. Child care and refreshments are provided free of charge.

Host Home Program

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Host Homes are private residences which provide temporary care for youth in need of services and in crisis situations. The program was created in 1989 and has been an integral part of the services offered to juveniles and their families, providing a positive, caring environment for young people during crisis situations. The situation may be one of parental neglect, the need for parental respite, or it may be that a juvenile has committed a crime not serious enough to be sent to detention but needs supervision. The contribution these homes make to the communities in Baxter, Boone, Marion and Newton Counties is immeasurable.

Community Partnership Program

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Broadly defined, community service/community partnership means giving back to the community through work performed for non-profit organizations or local businesses without financial compensation. It is sometimes used as a general term for volunteerism or youth service. It is also used for court-ordered sentencing programs, juvenile diversion programs, or school suspension programs.

After-school Tutoring & Summer Credit Recovery

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The After-school Program is available to all students in Baxter and Marion counties in grades 7-12, Monday through Thursday from 3:00-5:30 p.m., and provides academic assistance to any student needing help with homework. The Summer Credit Recovery Program takes place in June and runs from 8:00 a.m. until noon for three weeks. Summer credit recovery classes allow students, who are on track to graduate, to receive required credits. For those students who lack the required credits to graduate on schedule, we offer preparatory classes for the General Equivalency Diploma exam.