Baxter County Juvenile Services
Baxter County Juvenile Services successfully operates various youth and family oriented programs under the direction of the Baxter County Government and the 14th Judicial District Circuit Court, Juvenile Division. 
Community Connections For Youth & Families, Inc. is a local nonprofit entity providing community-based services for juvenile justice programs in order to meet the needs of youth and families by educating and empowering them to be caring and competent individuals who give back to our communities.

Our Services

Mentoring Program
Through trained community volunteers, the youth are provided friendship, guidance and encouragement to strive for a positive attitude toward themselves and others. Mentors help their mentees identify problems, set goals and encourage them toward a constructive and productive lifestyle.
Resource Center
This program provides families with educational opportunities to equip them with informational tools in an effort to strengthen the family unit and promote healthy child development.
Home Program
These are private residences that provide temporary care for youth in need of services and in crisis situations.
Enrichment Program
The After-school Program provides academic assistance to any student needing help with homework.
Partnership Program
This is a way for the youth to give back to the community either through volunteering, court-ordered sentencing programs, juvenile diversion programs, or school suspension programs.